Kirk teaches music lessons in Petaluma, Ca. Kirk is a native of San Francisco, having over 10 years experience teaching.  Lessons are available for guitar, cello, saxophone, and piano.

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Spin Records Petaluma is Kirk's music store. It is a unique record and musical instrument shop located inside Moto Italia Motorcycle shop. Kirk also gives guitar, cello, sax, and ukulele lessons at the shop.

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Kirk Heydt, AKA "Tin Whiskers", is a SF Bay Area multi-Instrumentalist composer, performer, recording artist with 4 solo albums; "Keep On", "Filmtones and Tales", "Exile in Yaletown", and "Plans for a Gong". Kirk Heydt is also a guitar / cello / saxophone teacher in Petaluma, Ca.

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Music Teacher

Kirk Heydt

Kirk Heydt is a professional musician who teaches a unique combination of instruments; guitar, cello, and saxophone. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has played, recorded and toured with local and international artists throughout the country. He has also been teaching at Tall Toad Music for the past 10 years. Being a father of three children, he has the patience and creativity to effectively get your child playing music; to excel in school band, play their favorite music, or write their own music. Beginners welcome.

Kirk's Latest Album

Tin Whiskers, Plans for a gong is the latest album from Kirk Charles Heydt. It features Loralee Christiansen on Vocals, Paul Olguin on Bass, Kendrick Freeman on Drums, Deb Heydt on Solo piano, and Kirk Charles Heydt on Guitar, Cello, and Saxophone. These Musicians are some of the greatest players in the bay area, even more they are great human beings

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Phone: (707) 364-1709

Address: 1060 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, Ca

Open 7 days a week 
11am - 5pm